Hello 2018

Hello 2018

It’s new year already. But I won’t to write about new year, instead it will be a bit long rambling about December memories. I honestly admit I still cant move on from December activities especially ACYC2017, it’s like my heart refuses to let go. Hey, move on it’s not something you need to do anyway. It will just happen gradually over time, but for the time being, let me remind my sweetest December.
There will be time when I feel that my life is not so blessed till I joined ACYC2017. I’m not strong willed or persistence, somehow they said as too laid back, and some other will describe me as immature who trapped in her own daydream. But joining ACYC and meeting passionate friends change my perspective in viewing my dream. My sister said that life is not a place where dream can survive with only passion alone. So many things swayed my dream. So many obstacles halted my steps after my graduation, and I almost lost. I almost swayed. I almost chased away my own dream. But life is really something. When life was the one who swayed my dream, it was life too who lift up my dream through Anti Corruption Youth Camp 2017.
After attending Anti-Corruption Youth Camp 2017, I became one of those fortune people to have experienced a life changing. Anti-corruption activities was never be my concern. I rarely discussed that issue with my inner circle. But in this camp i learn a lot about anti-corruption activities, made me think again about the issue and why us as the agent of change ( we always say that in college) have to care and take action against corruption in Indonesia. Thus, being selected as participant, I was given the opportunity to meet anti-corruption activists and inspiring people across Indonesia. A week of meeting and interacting with many young content creators, working with teammates throughout the night discussing anti-corruption campaign, and experiencing a responsibility producing our individual creative project.
There were so many fun things happened during camp, with memorable activities and events. A day in Kampung Dago, HAKORDIA night, car free day, dancing and karaoke times (i never expected this to happen). But for most of us, our favorite moment might be the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee break session. In our ordinary-broken-anakkosan-lyfe, it would make our piggy bank goes to bankruptcy. So, as anak kos the time we could eat a healthy-yummy-free food three times a day plus had coffee break was a bliss. It also counts the time when we had a free time to finish our individual project but turned out we went to some cafes and ate a bit expensive food which we might not able to afford as anak kos. Hey, but it’s not even the highlight of this event. I still have a lot of things to share.

Unexpected exciting class
This is one reason why ACYC2017 program was valuable and exciting. Aside learning about anti-corruption activities we also had creative class. Because this program not only emphasize on anti-corruption only, but also the importance of building our creative potential, i guess. Overall, Creative class session had two classes, morning and noon class consist of blog, vlog, meme, comic-strip, music, podcast, and motion graphic class. We were divided based on our work and interest which had been submitted for application process.
I end up joined podcast class at morning and blog at noon. And podcast was absolutely my favorite class ever. Since I had no idea and due to lack of knowledge about podcasting, so, yeah, i got trouble to follow the flow in the beginning of class. But my decision in choosing podcast class turned out to be one of the best decisions in this camp. Our podcast facilitator, Iqbal Hariadi, was kind and he’s great in explaining the content, he’s also guiding and encouraging us to create our podcast. And the class was so lively and intimate, maybe because we just had twelve of us. Now, most of podcast class members have their own podcast as the prove how interesting this class.

A group full of absurdity
I was grouped with the other six friends called Loading and we have tagline mohon bersabar ini ujian. We were just an ordinary group, never that stellar whether in discussing or presenting session. Nonetheless, we completed each other, we went hand in hand to finish each group session. At first, I don’t have any opinion about our group except most of us really expert in coming late. I still remember the awkwardness the first time when we started to know each other in introductory session but unconsciously it end up in the point that we were so close each other.
I also amazed with Arif and his volunteer experiences, Fido with her bizarre way of thinking, Widia who has a lovely voice, Cicilia who really expert in poetry, Kahar with his disappearing ability, and we must agree we almost got tired of hearing #savesayadi at camp until we make a #wearesayadi’shaters. It turns out our group full of absurd members but believe me they are nice friends. I treasure the moment we discussed, talked, and loved to joke about our facilitator, Kak Asta and Kak Fatia’s relationship. The joke never gets boring. Kahar and Sayadi sure knew how to tease our facilitator.

Not the best but my favorite facilitator
Have you ever met someone who want to sing Beethoven music? If you already have, maybe that person is in the same sect with my facilitator. Angga Miga Pramono, we call him Asta. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t happy when I knew that our group was facilitated by him. kak Fatia was okay, but why on earth it ought to be him? Like he came from other planet with all of his goofy chara.
Yet, all of my first impression about Kak Asta turn to be false. Except his special ability to disappear all of sudden (just like Kahar did) during Loading’s photo session, Kak Asta with his silly and unexpected weird idea created funny atmosphere and always lit up the mood in our group. He’s handling Kahar and Sayadi well. Kak Asta did care about Loading, listened and supported us as well as Kak Fatia. Even though he lied about cilok rab duaribu but I was grateful that Loading’s facilitator is him.
Kak Asta, the one who taught me and gave me new insight how to deal with problem and view current issues through another perspective. Even he taught me new theory called theory of chance. Honestly, I never think about it before, but since I wrote this thing, I start to think that Kak asta is the best facilitator and will always be my favorite in ACYC 2017. Actually, his appearance in HAKORDIA night was surprising, he sang with Bang Greg which has a gorgeous-nice voice. Yet, I found myself enjoying his performance with cranky voice even if I didn’t really know the song.

A long tiring night
Lastly, the most exciting yet exhausting activity in this camp was the time we had to produce our individual creative project. We could choose the form of our project, whether it’s vlog, blog, meme, poster and soon. But we were just given a short time (a day) to produce our creative project that keep everyone busy. Since I was newbie in podcasting, Nisa kindly helped me to made one. There’s also Daru and Yopi who help me in editing the sound. Ah not to forget Arya Sandhi who lent me his recording equipment, I owe you guys. It was the moment I realize how wonderful to feel the joy being surrounded by people who support and share the same interest. Although each of us busy with our project, it didn’t make us forget to help each other. I still remember most of us stayed up late in main hall until morning to finish our work. It was really long and tiring night but we cheered and supported each other.
Sum up, all of us come from different ages, racial, field of studies and preferences. In short, the gap in our personalities is severe. But as the time goes by, as much as the differences go, it never stops us to easily synchronize our sound together. There were so many disputable discussions, many words or gesture they did that somehow irritated me. I believe they felt the same way about me. Since I’m so childish, naive and hella noisy person. But what surprise me was, how easy we felt back to our pace again.
ACYC2017 was the sweetest closing event for 2017. I learned so much in a week about anti-corruption activities and made a lot of new friends. Sure, it took many tolerance, consideration, and understanding for us to unite under the name of ACYC2017. All those experiences, lessons, and opportunity to meet a lot of great people are worth to be remembered. May we meet again in the future, and fighting for the ongoing campaign project fellas.



Sofah D. Aristiawan
Anti-Corruption Youth Camp 2017

Tepat 40 tahun silam, Mochtar Lubis, wartawan kawakan yang merangkap seorang budayawan itu sungguh menggegerkan khazanah kebudayaan kita lewat pidatonya di Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, 6 April 1977. Ia menerangkan dengan penuh pesimistis apa dan bagaimana sifat manusia-manusia Indonesia itu sesungguhnya. Setidaknya, menurut telaahnya, ada 12 sifat dasar yang dimiliki orang Indonesia, yang utama: (1) Hipokrit (lain di muka, lain pula di belakang), (2) Segan dan enggan bertanggung jawab atas pikirannya, putusannya, serta lakunya (saling lempar tanggung jawab dan mengatakan bukan saya jika gagal dan sebaliknya, saling klaim itu karena saya bila berhasil), (3) Feodalistik (asal bapak senang, asal dosen bahagia, asal bos gembira), (4) Percaya takhayul, (5) Artistik, (6) Watak yang lemah. Dan tentu tak ketinggalan: sulitnya untuk sekadar berdisiplin (lucunya, rutin kita berseloroh: aturan itu bukan buat dipatuhi secara tertib, melainkan dibuat justru untuk dilanggar).

Respon atas uraian Lubis itu tentu beragam, banyak yang pro dan tak sedikit pula yang anti. Dan bila kita coba jujur, kita memang tak bisa menutup mata lagi bahwa hal semacam itu nyata, mengendap dalam darah orang Indonesia, melekat dalam perilaku keseharian kita, manusia Indonesia, baik secara sadar dan sengaja maupun tidak –sampai sekarang. Menariknya, apa yang dipantik Lubis di masa lalu itu seperti direpetisi lewat bahasa yang berbeda dengan gaya yang jenaka dan satire justru oleh seorang bule kelahiran Kanada yang sudah jadi manusia Indonesia (warga negara Indonesia –red), Sacha Stevenson.

Sejak 2013, Sacha konsisten membuat video-video parodi nan lucu di sub-kanal Youtube-nya yang dinamainya “How to Act Like Indonesian”. Dalam salah satu episodenya, ia menggambarkan betapa, dalam istilah Lubis, manusia Indonesia itu jauh dari sikap tanggung jawab dan sulit untuk berdisiplin pada kesepakatan umum yang ada. Dari video berdurasi kurang dari lima menit itu, Sacha memang tak memakai pisau analisis setajam dan sesuram Lubis, tapi justru sebab itu ia jadi menarik, karena ia mencontohkan hal-hal remeh yang kadang diabaikan: contohnya, bagaimana masyarakat Indonesia itu suka memakai sandal orang lain tanpa izin, lalu sekonyong-konyong dikembalikanlah sandal itu justru dalam keadaan jauh dari semula.

Namun, bagi saya, kritik yang coba diperlihatkan bule yang memutuskan untuk menetap di perkampungan Jakarta itu tak semata berhenti pada justifikasi bahwa begitu bobroknya kebudayaan kita, seperti yang dilihat Lubis di atas, melainkan justru semisal perkara “Meminjam Sandal” itu dikatakannya dengan sesuatu yang sebetulnya positif namun berlebihan, yaitu demikian guyubnya manusia Indonesia. Meminjam sandal itu tanda bahwa tubuh masyarakat Indonesia itu masih komunalistik. Walaupun, Sacha pun tak menampik bila hal itu berlebihan justru akan jatuh pada laku yang tak bertanggung jawab dan melanggar nilai-nilai umum.

Sehingga, nampaknya kita pun jadi salah bila melihat manusia Indonesia beserta perilaku rumitnya itu cuma dengan kaca mata hitam putih, lalu dari situ, kita simpulkan dengan segera dan mengeneralisirnya. Itulah mengapa uraian Lubis di atas itu tetap kontroversial hingga saat ini. Mungkin, ia baik sebagai sebuah kritik atas kemandekan perkembangan kebudayaan kita, tapi barangkali ia juga keliru untuk menjawab, seperti pertanyaan Sacha dalam kanal Youtube-nya: “Siapa saya?” “Siapa manusia Indonesia?”

Persamaan keduanya, baik apa yang diparodikan Sacha atau apa yang diuraikan Lubis tentang manusia Indonesia, saya kira, mereka sama-sama sepakat bahwa ada nilai-nilai umum yang tak bisa dimaklumi bila, meniru Sacha di atas, berlebihan: semisal perilaku koruptif. Dan sosok yang konsisten untuk tak “berlebihan” itu setidaknya terpotret dalam diri seorang Mohammad Hatta, bapak bangsa dengan integritas yang sangat tinggi, negarawan dengan penerapan kedisiplinan yang ketat. Banyak kisah untuk menunjukkannya, kita ambil yang ringan dan mungkin lucu. Saat di tempat pengasingan Banda Neira, Maluku Tengah, uniknya, keberadaan Hatta kerap dijadikan patokan sebuah jam. Maksudnya, rutinitasnya yang saban hari mengelilingi Pulau Banda sekitar pukul 4-5 sore pasti selalu disambut dengan seruan, “Wah, sudah jam lima,” oleh para pekerja kebun pala saat Hatta melewati kebun itu. Munculnya Hatta jadi penting bagi mereka, sebab tidak adanya jam di kebun pala yang lapang itu. Dan dari cerita itu, kita tentu mesti bertanya pada diri sendiri: Sebegitunyakah Hatta tepat waktu?

Tetapi, saya rasa, yang lebih pentingnya lagi, bahwa integritas seorang Hatta yang diawali dengan perilaku berdisiplin dan tak berlebihan dalam memaknai nilai-nilai umum itu menjadikannya sosok rujukan seorang manusia Indonesia ideal, utamanya yang bebas dari perilaku koruptif, sekaligus contoh yang tepat bahwa uraian Lubis itu memang tak sepenuhnya benar. Maka, mari seperti Hatta, benahi negeri dimulai dari diri sendiri dengan terus berusaha mendisiplinkan diri –kendati memang sangat-sangat sulit.